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2002 Liz
printed on Tokyo Underground Public Review "SPEAK" Oct., 2002
Time worried me anyhow and I looked at the clock repeatedly.
That is not because there are waiting with the friend to whom mind became known, a date, etc., but because I needed to open wide early anyhow from here now I am at, is restricted among a certain time, the contents, and a relation -- all,

Was it a bead? Or was it glass?
When I was a child, I was often playing in the small sandbox located lonely in a corner of a care-of-schoolchildren-after-school-hours place lonely. If sand is put into the sieve made from a plastic and it is swayed right and left, it will be divided into the thing which passes through meshes of a net, and the thing which is not so, and little and a transparent fragment like glass are found in the sand which remained in the sieve.
It was a diamond.
Of course, although it was not a genuine article, it was merely gray and was minerals, and when it was found from the place lonely somewhere, I became glad, put into my treasure box and valued.

Now, what polished it carefully finely one by one is scattered to the limit of my field of view.
It was different although it looked like.
It seems that I lean on the door on the left-hand side of a taxi, and was sleeping.
The drop of fine rain was attached to the whole window with a clatter, was compared with a passing light, a streetlight, etc. of a car, and was shining.
There is an alcohol smell.
How many I would drink today.
I can remember neither having talked until a while ago just nor a partner's face nor a name.
While all things are inserted and wrapped in fog just like magic and become very soft, it disappears frankly.
I do like this and forget various things every day.
I will also surely forget that the drop attached to the window was very beautiful, and remembered a child's time.
However, only one thing.
It is that I at that time of weariness having also lain idle by not carrying out in evening glow in the small sandbox have not noticed.

There was a diamond also in the sand which fell only to the remaining sand.