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About this web site

This web site "LOGOS" is writer Takayuki Kido's official web site established on December 8, 2001. The purpose is exhibiting the [textual art (art expression by the text)] widely and becoming it common.
Although you might thought [textual art] that the so-called [literature (poetry, novel)] is said in a roundabout way, this is because of much bitter experiences in which I tried explanation with the word the [literature] generally used in Japan now, I differentiated it using such expression.

By the [literature] which I experienced, a [novel] is still told in the sense of values under the suppression of freedom of speech during wartime, and it is thought as important and demanded what thought to be put behind the context from the expression itself or on - how many step story to be concealed and drawn (There are "social irrationality", "transiency of a thing", etc. as an example of representation). Moreover, if I talk about [poetry], since the so-called [words] of JPOP are becoming the [poetry] which got us used to hearing most, the original image is already lost completely (or only a classic is imagined to the contrary).
On the other hand, [textual art] consents to the painter Henry Matisse's word "pictures must exist only as pictures. The room to which thought and intensity intervene there consents to the statement that there is nothing", for example. Moreover, it consents to that Mr. TETSUYA (Durian Sukegawa) having described "I do not like such exhibitions" at the installation (the government according to aristocrats once -- a doll countless from a ceiling in the room which was a conference room -- hanging -- the exhibition which expressed the transiency and the foolishness of power frankly), and having stated the opposite comment by another installation (it is the exhibition which a wall cannot be told not at all and out of which there is a round huge object which shines, and the thought or background have not come to a forefront side (even if it assumes that it is)). [textual art] claims that the reason is because not the context or not thought but image (what is sensed) of a work are excellent, when repeating and appreciating a work with people.

[textual art] attaches greater importance than to "what thought and intensity are behind the context?" to "what is sensed / a twist feeling arises by the context?".
[textual art] does not make expression(image) the tool of the context, but makes the context an expressional tool rather. Therefore, the context is easily abandoned for expression rather than it sacrifices expression for the context.

If the word [literature] was generally caught widely identically to [textual art] which I described, I will also call a [literature site] and it [contemporary literature site] for this site. That one is more sociable. If the time of both being in agreement someday comes, I will leave without hesitation the expression this roundabout [textual art].

Activity of LOGOS is crossed to large areas, such as web, CD, paper, video, and event. Text carries out prosperous in early stages most in a cultural stage because of its character. That is, since it can copy easily, cheaply (in typography or handwriting), it can mass-produce also on low technology and capital level. Therefore, with progress of copy technology, text loses value rapidly and goes (for latest example, the web contents for cellular phones will be applied to this. On the other hand, there is also the movement from the fact that web pages are searched by "the text"). However, we must be careful that [the value in copy technology] is lost and it is not worth of the text. This is not having restricted to text and the movie to the photograph and photograph over an illustration etc. exists in other fields.

Whatever it is in, worth of a thing is not decided by [the difficulty of copying], but it should be determined by only the contents, probably. And the necessity of being restricted to a medium does not have a work simultaneously, either (for example, texts do not need to be restricted to paper and pictures do not need to be restricted to canvas).
Those who evaluate when a work becomes independent of a medium ([difficulty of copying] said above) -- moreover, the original figure in which it emerges by diversification of the expression according to the figure -- medium which should originally be in the work itself and original recognition -- are brought about, and I have a presentiment of things.

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