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Tour bus

2004 Takayuki Kido
printed on Tokyo Underground Public Review "SPEAK" May., 2006
Some notes are there and warning of "It cannot be said that you do not know that you know" attracted my eyes also especially in it. Since I thought too much in response to the fact that the 52 characters, I have hidden this language from the tourists for two buses which pass my back completely. I consider now, possibly I at this time was somewhat amusing. I was lost in a strange tourist's rank, heard the talk of a strange tour guide, and I was taken in the picture with the husband and wife who just met. They husband and wife were plump and wore the polo shirt which wore out on. We became an old acquaintance's friend in an instant, constructed the shoulder and became the unknown neighbor who should look out in an instant. I possibly was tempted by the sunglasses with which they drift a high-class feeling, no, if I say like this, although it is impolite, possibly I had a premonition that I am surely given what their thing which should praise very highly, and it is buried in the appropriate back. But, as the premonition filled to all expectations came out so and there was, this premonition was also only paraphrasing of the soft hair of the infancy term again only knit obstinately carrying out, paraphrasing was also committed only the rule that must not be done which was grasped by the small fist of the boy who does not open stubbornly. I put the small white fist on my palm, and appreciated the fist beautifully. The fruits with which it seems to be very soft with fruits and was filled with stubborn will and yet. And when stripped the skin like a litchi, tasted the cold, fresh flesh.
The boy confessed like this -- It is not me, something that is not known in me made me do such a thing.
I answered to the boy promptly. "Something that is not known in you is you yourself surely."
The boy's having dropped the shoulder severely may be because these fruits did not be divided and not be given at all. While I gaze at the situation (with feeling mere a few slight painfulness in my heart, but with a sense of justice which I progress myself and take over the role of socially undesirable characters -- that murder's sense of justice, I am gazing at him cool-headedly) , and breathed the seed out at his feet, I left him alone. When the seed budded at his feet in an instant and the back was lengthened steadily, it turned into the big tree which grew thick in vivid green. The fringe of the litchi which fruited red for the big tree was set like the jewelry which has too much, tourists took pictures, and the tour guide explained confusedly.
I become ill-humored severely, and I carried out by rebuking from an end the conscience who becomes public and makes much ado about nothing. I am a disagreeable thing also with equal conscience and bad heart. Because, it is not sexy. Because, it is stingy, temporary, and is spoiled child.
When I turned round as planned, and I harvested the fruit of a litchi for a while, I released fire to it, having covered gasoline over the big tree. The big tree raised the crimson scream and might also be the body in work fire. I gazed at it timidly. The tourists of a camera expressed regret one after another. The tour guide took the driver of a bus and blamed me in the joint signature.

"Why do you do -- is there any right with you which you can do such a thing?"

I asserted strictly that this big tree is not sexy and the thing for which I scattered the seed of a big tree. However, about the reason for burning a not sexy thing, declaration was avoided carefully. Although they have not agreed with this opinion of mine, of course, when I gave one grain of the the litchi which gathered a harvest to one person of them, they mumbled wholly.
The boy had disappeared. I used the litchi as the one-grain mouth instead of the boy.