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Iron bars

2000 Takayuki Kido
The original image of CG movie recorded on "SPEAK CD MAG 2000"
It is surely in an iron bars that we went. It was among a hot night recklessly. The moon showed all from full moon to low moon for the lunar eclipse, and we also did not have which to hide at all. All.... yes, we expressed both our breast and back at the same time to the night. However, we have not understood whether we produce language from truth or we completed truth from language yet. It is because the girls who are young and helpless connected with the withered big tree kept concerning it, and because a metropolitan apartment complex turned to the mere concrete lump of the rags rags because a moment was taken and 100 years passed. However, that was the dwelling of the new wild birds. Not to mention the crow, a tit and a TSUGUMI formed the social class (hierarchy) of that, and it lived, and it was being divided. On the other hand, the houses made with the bamboo were protected. An abundant number of human beings surround the circumference, and are just going to raise from a foundation now. But, people's face cannot but be the sphere of mere gray. When we put clothes on (Of course we were nakedness.) and going to the supermarket, a thin cat from the shade of the gap in the building looked back at us, and it was being watched. It was a scalpel cat. It was understood by the displayed genitals. The scalpel cat was gazing at me from the side of genitals. intently -- intently -- intently. When we who were just in that are human beings, it was considerate. We passed through the side which an old man had come down those stairs connected two floors of the supermarket of the composition to carefully each one step, and we were raised each two step, and we went. After opening the glass door of a freezer and buying Haagen-Dazs icecream up desperately, it was entirely combed in the procession of the waiting for a register. What are we doing? Under the bottom of such blue sky,we hide ourselves like a soldier under the surface of the water in the days, though the Self-Defense Force is a soldier exactly, we makes an effort to pretend indifference to that kind of expression because of keeping ourselves safe, moreover it is a professional soldier, when it is so, what is the soldier who is not a professional soldier, which country is the hypothetical enemy, we feel like having the problem which anything we said in the days. And we are eager to grasp the image of a thing to play seriously of one little rose put in the corner of the room which the evening sun comes into and which was tired in the hand, and we dream of that building to rise on the street corner of Hong Kong and which is built and which got old-fashioned. Having crooked the waist and dancing, dancer More walked the top of the red fictitious belt in fancy, and the rainbow trout drew the arch and had run out of the width. Of course, lengthen a rainbow from the point of the caudal fin. In short, it is rainbow color. Also my past and the future. It is visible also to my eyes clearly. But an iron bars is in a terminal point .... It is also at the starting point too.... In fact, it is also to right and left of a rainbow.... That is, all had already been performed in the iron bars. Or in fact, the outside of the iron bars surrounding these me is an inner side of an iron bars, and I was always released besides it. But under such situations, such as a difference between inside and outside, it must be equal to twisting almost. It must be insignificant whether the drunk-up milk was absorbed inside me or was released inside me. I am to appreciate the head of the human being who was opened and who went crazy Thoroughbred that squeeze person arm muscle black shine line raise when it can feel that it is important or when it feels that sense with the hood of BMW. It is important. It is such a thing that the human being of daytime and the human being of night grasp each other's hand miraculously at the morning sun and the setting sun, that is red time. It is exactly the proof of such a wonderful phenomenon that four women went up the stairs of my apartment now. I will run out of the room and will run into her room. And insert every her mouth which currently opened vacantly beyond the door opened in one plum which is made in Oishi and placed from I bought last month until it ripened in. Then, every one interrogative manifestation separates from her face, and the Noh mask of humorous silence remains. The eye is a knothole literally. I present the glass ball which was distorted as for the treasure and became clear from my right pocket.

"This is my treasure"

It was gathered in bamboo wood of the back yard a maternal grandfather's house. I who was little was taken, and Pochi which had the white hair which was the pet dog of that house in that which is wet all the year round really said "Dig this." Pochi died soon after that. Because that glass ball was dug out. I suddenly burst into tears before them for fear. My life will be inhaled by that glass ball which the life of Pochi went into next time.