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The map to the Heaven

2004 Takayuki Kido
printed on Tokyo Underground Public Review "SPEAK" Aug., 2006
The time has passed unawares. I am standing at last is the honest saying of today, dancing underwater like the scarf with which the caudal fin of the red fish which were alive in the thing to feel winds a wind, and crowds and swells, and applying both hands to petrified shaking of a knee. The woman who turns round from talking while standing with friends at underground celebrity's party, Her sight of its back which gazes at me by the sad eye on which it also wore gloss, the shoulder of some many which is, and does not matter at the pigeon time but hangs its head, The shoulder, the shoulder .... The huge balloon fastened in the center of the open space surrounded by the historical building which had decoration of electricity removed, spectacle on that his imagination on which a glaringly vivid red balloon by which it also wakes up is appearing .... As sad brawniness has always made people beautiful, the active logical inconsistency jumps into the eyes of those who see soon. It is a stone. This is that stone brought home from the darling country. The beautiful statue which is falling, so that it is reproachful, and the morning stone pavement which can never be referred to as fresh. "Welcome to heaven!" he said, but it was not me but angels which reflected in his look. The high-class clothing which angels wore out was put in order stuffily, and it could be seen that the salesman of a town removes dress in a corner of the room in Heaven. The valued past and the past -- salesman buried politely have forgotten their dress, and was merely hanging his head on the chair naked. I remember a certain spectacle -- The old father who white hair is good and grew fertile in the scoop photograph (photograph which copied the moment of the revolution of monochrome) handed to the journalist of a fraud imitation shed black blood flatly, and had fallen on the floor. -- this -- a revolution or -- I said so. He answered that that was right. it which originally treats justly them who must be weak weakly is a revolution -- he also answered. Just like the delta left by the big river, they have acted with peace. For example, tailcoat with a cut sufficient in dressing up withFri.... But it as a golden ornament matching well against Paris, I refuted. And I looked at that light shone for having waited to his eyes and having carried out now --
The time has passed unawares. There is no place which nothing makes and there is nothing that should be made.... No, the countless scar which marks do not have, either and was returned into what should exist essentially was seen, and the moon was also seen, there is nothing to when and the forthcoming freedom in which night is perfect, love, and wealth were wished acutely.

* The time of leave and I got the map from angels to Heaven.