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2000 Takayuki Kido
The original image of CG movie recorded on "SPEAK CD MAG 2000"
Lee-Lee and Nao who had played with nakedness in the stocking figure have been tired of playing, and said me put iced coffee. Their body which twines each other to the floor, sweat is blurred damply. I stood the armchair, with reading "the goldfish basin" of Marcel Bealu, and when the iced coffee of a paper pack was poured out and presented from the refrigerator of a kitchen, they said whether they would stay today, with lengthening and receiving a hand from a floor. Their lip laughed erotically vaguely. I returned to the armchair and opened the book.
<A book can't be read with this fish in the goldfish bowl! >
"By the way, are they you, what, and are you playing in my house from such daytime? "
"Because, it is so hot that I can't sleep." Nao raised the back from the floor. "At all, it is hot." Lee-Lee added like a haiku poet with on its face with lying prone.
<Always, my eyes that the person of a fish which glitters and to move was run after.>
"Therefore, do you say, and will it never come to my house?"
"Therefore it didn't come to say what."
<....I who finished being irritated hit a goldfish bowl in one day, and broke it.>
"Or, what? Do you say that it should spend summer in front of the air conditioner in the kotatsu about winter? "
<....I who believed revenge picked up that little animal, and collected it.>
"It is the confused way of returning it."

"It's hot!"

While Lee-Lee had been proneness, the body was developed, and the head of an electric fan was turned to itself. Lee-Lee's short hair of the Jean Seberg style spreads to a wind. The round frame bordered by disagreeable innocent downy hair like a boy which became tidy catches a wind. A certain nostalgic image occurs -- The salaried worker to whom the wind which Issei Ogata performs is not clear near me who have encamped the electric fan front is frolicking like a real boy. I who can be heard as since shake both hands violently forward and backward, the body is shaken up and down or it carries out to a mother travel from the back go in Northern Europe it is heard that goes where shortly since four nations of trips for nine Northern Europe days and a wallet are in a kitchen, I have father do the rest somehow and I enjoy that carry out and its voice sways by the wind be careful. The afternoon sun has inserted in the tatami from the window. The voice of Higurashi mixes with the voice of cicadas. As remembered, a dog howls. Sister, did you come back?... But, there is no answer. --
I returned the eye to the book In my hand, <Then, that animal was rejected to struggle in my hand at the end, and he concerned it.>....

"Why is it hot like this?" I got angry.

While Nao fired a cigar, saying, "It got this hot since you made noise", Lee-Lee was blamed coldly. Then, Lee-Lee said, "What do you say? Is it because it sets fire to this cigarette though you are hot?" with assigning her face with lying prone, and drew out the cigar with sufficient vigor from the mouth of Nao. White ashes danced to the face of Nao.
"What's done! "
Nao flies into a rage and flew to Lee-Lee. Both arms were held and pushed down and it weighed heavily on Lee-Lee with the face upward. The cigar falls from Lee-Lee's finger. Using the held both arms, Lee-Lee is both the legs of the stocking of a purplish red color, and raised the body of Nao from the belly. I remembered the airplane which it had five-year-old time --In other words, the stomach is put on the partner's foot, and it becomes the airplane that I myself spread both hands.

A blue tail and Nao 633 flights, the altitude of the Lee-Lee sky 10,000km, while it flies, it is flying during the flight....

Reading was resumed with an intention for me to observe it for a while, and not to know like an informant. Reading of summer was luxurious. I didn't mind the sun which it rained down on in the outside at all. On the way, I disappeared though two people were pulling hair, and I recovered a fan. And I bent backward by the armchair of the oak which has twisted the rope only around the portion which the body touches again, and began to read "the simple thing" of Henri Michaux.
<After it is born, it is simple to be missing in this person's and my life.>
I consider "you too."
< .... For example, now, I always come out outside by bed bringing. I catch her when a woman is pleased , and immediately goes to sleep together.>
Their taken-off dress dances together with boos. But since it does not change with the voice of outer cicadas, it is not worried. I read further and progress.
<.... It is made to spread, and if another woman pleased more passes a side, I will excuse myself to the first woman and will have you disappear immediately.
Those who know me claim that I instead of the man who can do what I described now should not have such courage. I also think so. But, as for the cause of what was done so, I didn't do all <<As I like it>>.
Now, I always have the wonderful afternoon. (I am working in the morning.)>
I felt that a certain occurrence are sure that is it this that the scales dropped from the eyes happened in its inside. My eyes should be shining. Is it improper to be hot in this house if it feels irritated and a " place is said as soon as two people who got tired of the quarrel see that because I am not watching it? Anyway it does somehow "when it convicts it and that that comes off the target is understood, it gets flustered", side heat! It was denounced in " and the inversion.

"Well, both people are to sit on that sofa."

When I said so, calm down two persons and sat them, I left the whole sofa from the window immediately. Three fell rotating slowly and they were performed. When the eye was raised, the setting sun of deep orange was in the front.
Then, it has thrown away again, immediately after one person had decoyed at a time two persons who three clubs since I enjoyed little teatime, among those music had attacked in night, and returned to the room, and dropped on the fishing line of No. 8 strong from a window and sleeping to the full like Michaux.
It decided to go so that both people might raise it after all and it might be reconciled and three people might see a firework together to the sea though a point from here was real imagination after that was repeated for several days. In intermediate cafe, talking together the sympathy to the feeling and fishes which are taken in with the fishing line which tasted for the first time basking in the setting sun from the front at a counter by the window, by three persons, they changed Tokaido Line and two persons arrived over 4 hours. Those beautiful fireworks of the moment of being unloaded by the harbor with a blue light with which a lot of fish which fishermen gathered up shine were launched there. From 1.... From 2.... From 3. The beautiful woman who held the little girl who was in the corner of the port at that time in the shoulder is hearing that that person was Lee-Lee's mother who held Lee-Lee.

The part bound with "<>" in the body was quoted from "the modern French poetry of 29 people collections", Shichousya Inc., translation by Kubota.