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White cloth

2002 Takayuki Kido
printed on Tokyo Underground Public Review "SPEAK" Nov., 2005
When I turned, the girl had fallen on the way. It is not wonderful, even if there are those falling like this, when hot. Although I thought that and was going to help her, but the contrast of the white of the dress which the girl has on, and the black of asphalt is too beautiful, I have kept standing on that occasion. The situation is like that only the white dress is softly put on the way where the valley of a building was common. Like an elder sister's wedding dress completely seen for the first time in the living in which the family was all out.

How many layer thing frill of the surface of a dress is rustling in the wind faintly.

After fascinating for a while, when I was going to help her on the contrary to self suddenly, the girl's head turned to the contrary. Although I thinks that it is amusing, when I approach her, the eyes is closed, but it has not seemed to faint away somehow. When I squatted down near the girl and asked "What are you doing?", the girl answered "I am feeling the earth" with the eyes closed. The cheek was smeared with sand when I seen.
When I lay by proneness similarly next to the girl, I took down my cheek to the road surface. The feel of the grain of rough sand, and the road surface of warm asphalt. The size of grain of sand is various and its big size gives an ache slightly. It is a nostalgic feel. The feel which tasted in the afternoon decided to fall over and not to occur as it is when young. The feel felt in the midnight park which lay down as three good friends. There was no far future and a trifling plan was not needed, either. There should merely have been only that future after what second and the beautiful past extracted randomly so much. All actual feelings and realities are the distance which a hand does not reach, and were whirling just like the bad joke made by ourselves.
When turned my head to the girl, both the girl's eyes were closed. Black hair which rustles faintly. The innocent face also with the still ambiguous eyes and the nose of the dark skin. The young mouth which asks "Uncle, do you have a brother?"
"I have"
"Younger brother?"
"No, I have only one big sister"
"So you do...."
"Do you have too?"
The girl did not answer. If scratched her small nose with finger, her face have been turned beyond. The back hair of the girl smeared with the dust of sand was given up in the face of me.
Now, who is how alive under happiness? Moreover, who is laughing where? No, no need to laugh. I wishes that the world filled in such a dream in which people who can pass without never grudging the presented instant which is not like this instant of mine can share when or an instant, moreover, it turns, and it struggles blindly and it gets tired out and sleeping is also good. When the girl grows up some day, she was call toed to stop by this acquaintance unfamiliar, and longingly share the memory from which hand and foot were wrested away, moreover even if that is not so, as share someone who did the gray face, and this place for example, like the perfect stranger who passed the same schoolyard which exists innumerably being certain himself who was completely overlooked as it was connected to the complicity which cannot be said, and much past came out so and there was a serious happening keeping right that is also good. If it is hope, darkness is suppressed always exceeding night, affection sings, and it is begun in voice to dance people's breast.

I had slept unawares. The girl poked my cheek and awoke me and said "Uncle, I have to get return".
"Mm, thank you"
When opened my eyes, with wearing a turban around her head, a pregnant woman which had on the white dress which turns out to have become pregnant at a glance stood beside the girl. Holding a paper bag in which the white cloth pieces which does not understand some was put to the limit in her arm.
When I asked "Is this your mama?", the girl bowed her head in assent.
The pregnant woman smiled at me, when took the girl's hand. Ah, it is.... That cloth pieces are used for the brother, probably for the younger brother of when or the girl who sees.
"Do you play with me again?", the girl said.
"Of course", I answered.
As soon as she turned, the boy who was running grazed the pregnant woman. At the moment, the paper bag which the pregnant woman gained danced in the air. We said "Ah" small. White cloth pieces given up to the limit of a way seemed that flounders turned the belly up all at once, and had floated completely.