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Meaningless stain on the wall

If writing in haste is a feature of me, I think that I only have to do it positively. Although I don't understand, it is such a rhythm. I discover a common key word named Shuji Terayama to appear and disappear in wonderful coetaneous artists who link to me today, though I don't understand because I have not read his book at all, I imagine it without permission without understanding, I think that overlapping myself with him I imagines is also very good. The part "syu" of his name seems to be fast somehow.
Sound, rhythm, and those meanings ---- the movement of synchronizing and momentary gaps(=twist) of three elements is everything, I think.
For example, in the shade of meaning like "visual book", I want to make the image book in the word. The collage of words will be a work as the book, in meaning the depth and meaningless, "misunderstood well" like Jonason Keats, the mass of the image, I want to make such a book. There are not only poetry but also the single word of the dictionary, diary, scribbled note, taking notes of cut-in illustration affixed to long poetry, and prophecy maxim, to tell the truth, these kind of things are just all poetrys, for example, record in the head of the apartment house of facing and like outdoor machine, let the daily life be packed freshly in, one content of a man in the round, I want to make such a book. As not the work collection but one work, be wanted to put on the place where can be taken soon after one finished reading, I want to make such a book.
Feeling that one can't found after all looking for "word which doesn't exist" ---- do I have to say this? If the delusion refutation is pleasure. However, only "Efficiency improvement" can be done then even if passing by when. And recently, I became to be not able to gaze the stain without the meaning on the wall. This is a serious illness. Let's take a rest.