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In the square whose one side is made of the length like my dream exactly, we passed like the eve with Adam. There is also no chair, and there is also no water, furthermore there is also no book, and there is even no night, in endless thirst, in broad daylight which finally is not, only the freedom on which we told, and sexual competitive spirit were bending heavily.
"It is you who have to get and surpass, isn't it?" She always say so.
To be sure, it was right. Therefore, also between merely trifling operation of casual days, I recited the meaning of the language.
Her back can be seen. The curve of her back is twisted calmly. If I can carry into this place some huge pillars made in the marble of the Gothic style, I will regard which as whether her beauty looks nice. Pillars should drop and divide a shadow into her lying body two domains which are not will be produced. They are divineness, and charming. Then, I may also want a boyfriend easy to get along with me further. Because, it is since a man meets her secretly in the shade of a pillar and I turn a blind eye to it. Since only the worst situation will be richly imagined from the back hair of the man who becomes invisible from time to time by turns from a pillar, and her.
Then I will step forward from a square forcibly pulling her arm strongly, burning with the jealousy which does not exist. Or she pulls free from my arm and I could begin to fly in disappointment like the elephant which lost the child. And only she and the man are left behind into my dream. -- In spite of being in my dream.