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The rainbow of evening glow

2000 Takayuki Kido
printed on Tokyo Underground Public Review "SPEAK" May., 2001
When I awoke, my head was too artistic, then I went up to on, went under, and moved the armchair in living, I have noticed the soldier of the light which made the form of the window having invaded on the floor. I immediately caught and questioned closely him, and pushed him into the solitary cell which was made by a piled up CD. He was still young. He did not divide and revealed existence of the rainbow of evening glow. When I put on the trench coat to dressing gown in a hurry, and gave tobacco and the lighter to the solitary cell, I came the truth out of the room accuracy. Because that day was the strong day of the wind, the street trees and the brassiere dried in the window in the whole town fluttered like a fish.
The sun was still high.
I started with making clouds first. I bought such a powerful hydrogen chemical cylinder which I cannot think from the import miscellaneous-goods store facing the passage, and borrow an epoch-making wok from the Chinese restaurant in a back hand on disadvantageous conditions. Moreover, I telephoned government and municipal offices and got the use permission of a portable faucet which never withers with the time limit.
I reach to the top of that famous tower in which Galileo experimented with handing them, and took to work of clouds instantly. The work progressed favorably than expected. A translucent white spread rose to the sky rapidly. That it was merely outside calculation was the thing old acquaintance's friends often came and tried to catch me by the lariat
which was made in the both arms of the woman like the Andre Breton. I succeeded in making dusky clouds over the head at last for continuing-work 3 hours, the body having managed them and exchanging them quickly. The town was covered by darkness when looked down. The thunder light pierced one roof in it keenly. The roof broke very simply, and broke up and the inside made with the stone was made open. When the tourists who were present in the roof look at it, they began to draw back gazing at me timidly, and when arrived at stairs, tried to be the first and started running. Some of them stumbled halfway, and tumbled down to the first floor.
It began to rain. Rain was poured little by little, but soon violently. The rain sound which beat a roof in the town affected surroundings, and the footstep which ran into the nearby eaves bellows mixed. Sweethearts in the early afternoon looked up the sky concealing the naked shoulder with curtain from the window of a bedroom. In front of the store of a certain cafe, the boy of curled hair looked up the sky and fired tobacco. It stopped raining immediately.
When clouds cleared up, the sun was sinking completely. The sun had dyed so red that I am likely to vomit. also the sky. The town was classified into two of black with red. ... I gazed. For all directions, for long time, intently.
I went back being wrapped in anger which anyone want to suspect their eyes. I ran through the town with wearing the flame which burned up surrounding 20m on my body. A prisoner has already done prison breaking since black makes the citizen that I exceed 200 people lightly be scorched and it is returned to the room. The tobacco which does not attach the hand, the lighter, and the veil of the moon which shines vacantly were left behind there. I collapsed from my knee and picked it up by my hand by which it was amazed. The veil disappeared slowly in the opened palm. Leave a strange darling scent faintly.