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The voice

2000 Takayuki Kido
printed on Tokyo Underground Public Review "SPEAK" Aug., 2000
"In short, you are only the painter (a poet, a photographer, a musician, and whatever may be used) that is wandering about between two pictures which face each other. After a moment, the unclean ground will rise. Walk toward a red light of the rent. You will not be suspected, if you approaches wearing the shoes of the buckskin of beige. give a breathing at the distorted rent which arrived without difficulty, and throw yourself immediately."
"I cannot do such a thing. I cannot leave the children of the next room which may become so beautiful. The intense light which came in the nursery that the uneven glass ball rolled momentarily remains in my eyes forever like the dream that controll the day when I woke up. I will surely be alive in the dream. this is a dream -- this is a dream!"
"If you are so, live such. Spend days which reach the body to the inside of a sheet in quest of the lip in the dream which cannot wake up. That man showed in that declaration -- "

a pair of
shoes socks of silk
is not there(1)

I woke up. The curtain was shaking by the window of a half-difference. When I take a cigar out from my bedside and fire, the window of the apartment opposite of the street opened. The redheaded girl appeared. I lay down on the bed again and looked at the smoke which flows on the ceiling. Smoke rose, while the waist was blown away from the window to the wind, and it was performed.

It is you yourself completely! ... Someone in me said.

Boys' voice was heard from the street which is under my apartment. when I got up the bed and made coffee and returned, I have noticed the tiptoe of the stocking which Jill has forgotten having overflowed under a bed into ancient times, so that I could not remember when it has already been. When I caught my breath with coffee and inserted my hand in the bottom of a bed, various things were equivalent to my fingertip. The box of the cigar which applying smokes, socks, a 10-cent coin, the pierced earring which owner is not known, and letter ... It was the thing from a friend. It is written as this

"I was successfully deceived by you,
although I did not believe well, either."

I also lay on my bed. Voice is still heard from the passage. Are voice by the boy of the next room? Familiar voice has repeated with "Moi, si. Moi, si." What are "Moi, si." ? When I was going to get from bed to the place by the window, the telephone rang at my bedside. It was from a friend -- G.
"Is this Shuu? I printed now, it's great. Are you free today? I want to show, and I cannot obtain and is not carrying out."
"O.K. But I have promised Leelee ... it is free from 5:00"
"5:00?! ... It's good well, and on the time I'll wait for you at Giggle."
"O.K." I said so and hang the telephone up.
In the passage, the boy's voice had still repeated. "Moi, si. Moi, si." When I went to place by the window and having been looked down, it was the boy of the next room. On the road surface of a stone pavement, he was standing with other boys. I applied the leg to the window frame.


When voice has heard, and I have looked out, the girl of the apartment opposite of the street is looking at me. The girl filled her innocent faceseemed with confusion, when she turned toward the room, she disappeared with shouting "Maam!". In the passage, the three boys were looking up at me. It was the expression confused too. I flew away as it is. My body floated in the air completely. The hair of the chestnut brown that the boy of the back and the neighbor room becomes transparent was pale, and the beautiful expression which was always full of the worries approached sight at a stretch. Suddenly, the curtain of crimson velvet appeared in the air, and my body was wrapped in. It was wrapped thick and gently just like a mummy was wrapped so that the smooth hair foot of the velvet might stroke it to care for my skin. And something in that pitch-black darkness that is visible when looking at it in and taking down a well whispers.

as a big talk and I having said -- it is ....

The monument of many bodies presses little by little. I am surrounded little by little. And if surrounded completely, falling toward an outside all at once, they will extend the sky which is round and was vacant on my head. The sky which even overhead clouds do not have is extended. And I murmur.

"Oh, there are only the sky again."

It was only that the blue sky of a simple color has merely spread to be sure there.

* (1) portion in the text was quoted from the Iwanami Shoten, and A. Breton work and Iwatani Kunihito translation "Surrealism declaration and the melting fish"