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When I controlled, she gazed at me, burying a cheek on the stood collar of an overcoat. -- Although I can make a living in this language, you may not be unable to bear. Because, you are the one who hear it. Because you are the one who are looked at by it. Because you cannot but look for the contact of unknown someone just like you who were written to the paper napkin left in the room to which you got used to go.
Would you understand? It is the hand which actually explores between the withering one-sheet one-sheet petals with the finger, and has enclosed us completely unawares.
When stand in front of the realize no audacious, what can we do? We can only do seeing. It is even impossible to hear it. In itself seeing, it is the miserable end of the foundation built by labor of blood, and is guess persecution delusion which blew off suddenly solution. We are in the outside seen out of the inner side of the boundary which the vinyl tape of KEEP OUT easily spread around by the stake driven in blindly protects.
I was favorite in redness with both the delicate knees that were when or you held, and when I looked into it under the microscope, it was transparent like the jelly with which the erythrocyte which wriggles was caught. This is the truth although you are laughing. I want to merely watch from a distance like the paranoia which it was helped by the bold way of thinking, and I respected him like a solar tower very much, therefore was accustomed.
But she did not hear my control. Seeing her eyes, I gave up completely. And I carried out by taking her hand and walking by a unit of one step. Only the part of recollections should spend many hours fully so that a bride's father does so completely at a church. Even if only she will die beyond bordering -- or only she survives.