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subject: jank2 / post: Takayuki Kido / date: 26 Tue. Nov 01:12:39

Because with “the junk” many degrees writing well I grew tired, making alphabet I try, furthermore that is the spelling mistake of junk, while still becoming aware, I do not correct, as such and charm with reason, for example Mr.A said, “as for the Japanese design, it is useless because it can only consider such as it does not become the 1mm left arranging”, with I sympathize to his word which is said strangely. The empty being audible either one of the earth tubes where the voice that light is not enough, was stacked in the vacant land, you remember the thing of the black coat where I although look around the around, in the head thrust, the both hands of the woman who now morning passes each other suddenly. The extent which it is hard to withstand I think suddenly and yearn, that being like the Kyoto boy who does the road grass I make completely desertion. Liking such a me, the woman who wears the native dress of the Nepal wind which comes being attached, the opening is rough when it will wind around this head, the turban is dropped between the both hands.

subject: 3 / post: Takayuki Kido / date: 26 Tue. Nov 01:17:57

In the beautiful word although feeling such a crisis, it may there be a everyday life being, to tell the truth either enormous success, the big money and I saw the fact that altogether is not at all there is no I, I chases after completely with method of the misjudgement. This is the road. The extent as for this I have not seen quite at one time the road which exists everywhere it is the road which seems. The road is followed to Rome far, but for the present there is no even plants one on left and right, it is the geometric spherical surface. Simply, the road by way of Paris midway.

subject: quatre / post: Takayuki Kido / date: 26 Tue. Nov 01:28:51

cinq、six、sept、huit、neuf ~cafe is in Ebisu. When I go to the road appearance with peugeot 206, I pass each other with 3 whore mansions and 3 sweethearts. But in France as for the whore still legitimacy, in me it probably is eternally legitimate. Being too narrow, in the country like the extremity of the social rationalism the Chiyoda-Ku where the nerve sharpens too much way there is no here. For example holding the naked sweetheart with the both arms, when walking the town, that that hand probably will have touched the breast, everyone does not care. Impulsively the road it connects the fragment of nose song of the boy ahead the store which in rhythm is made the ear one after another in the head of the people who go is adjusted, becomes the magnificent concerto of the once finally and carries out 1 days. I some day everyday would like to watch the afternoon of the street corner of such a stone pavement which disdains from the window. That is dream and is actuality.

subject: 5 / post: Takayuki Kido / date: 26 Tue. Nov 01:46:40

Good-bye !
Looking at the leisurely street corner which the voice sounds and is crossed, I will look at evening glow so that the needle of a record without jump っぱ during the 1st may still land on a board. Curtain influence of the sun which always wears the mystery nature of an end but which exacts and is not beautifully. But although he has forgotten who said, it is not regarding as playgoing, either, and not performing, either, furthermore living surely there. Although it is probably wrong, but a man are not fatally mistaken while girls keep walking around a big tree. What is important for people? What is needed for the steel tower which stands lonely? A guilty feeling and an open feeling that anyone is likely to be accepted. The Japanese who is present in Japan as if it was the group of completely peevish a son/daughter. The tree of the planted orange. The pineapple field. The way of red clay. That I am still are such a street corner and the street corner in which a prostitute is present too. It is women's disagreeable lip at which it laughs. They are those eyes of the men who are suiting and walking that they has when they adheres, even if they are laughing. It is the forcible hand of holding the waist. And it is the hair which sits down near a boy audaciously and plays with what a wayside thing it is and which the girl tied up into a knot.