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Don't go

1999 Takayuki Kido
printed on the project "LOVE CRAZY -vol.1-"
"Don't go."
When I said so, Nami laughed rolling a scarf.
"Don't say a funny thing."
The window looks dim in mist beyond Nami who dresses herself in the morning.
"I will go to work?"
Saying so, Nami checked makeup once again in the mirror. I have smoking, lying down on a bed.
"Don't, go to work"
"huhu.... You are like a child." Nami came and sat near me with the bag, when the lipstick was traced with the finger. "Dear my Ryou, mama have to go to work. Therefore, can you do a caretaker as a good child?"
"Why? Why have to go?"
"Why? .... why.... Both mama and my Ryou have to eat. In order to eat, we have to work and get money. Therefore, mama have to go to work"
"It's a lie"
"Lie?" Nami show the gently surprised face.
"Yes, it is a lie. Mama loves working better than me."
"I am not so. Mama love my Ryou very much."
"If do so, why do you have to go to work?"
"Why... you're my problem child...." When has said so, Nami looked at the wrist watch and stood up. "Oh it is already such time."
Saying so, Nami began to walk and I caught her hand lying a bed."
"Don't you go."
"Do you release this? It is likely to be late. If you Ryouichi do not prepare now, you will be late, too."
"I will not go, either, if Nami does not go."
"You fool, if it goes so, how to eat?"
"I don't need foods."
".... it's OK, and let me go."
Saying so, Nami left the room. And I was left alone in the room.

We repeated the same thing also for the next morning also in the next morning. It is a father and an only daughter at a certain time, and they are a warder and a prison escape at a certain time. Then, while having repeated it, what was a joke is being gradually tinctured with strange sincerity in the beginning. It is earnest, and I buttonhole Nami, am earnest, and began to feel pain left behind by one person. It seemed that it was begun memorize suffering for Nami to also place me and go by Nami.

It is such a certain morning thing.
When I stop Nami like usual, Nami dropped her shoulders and set the bag put, and said "O.K. I stop Going to work." and extracted the scarf from her neck.
I was earnestly glad.
Nami who extracted the scarf covered and hung over me of a bed, and pressed the soft lip. Nami is a beautiful woman. She is not a dear woman but a beautiful woman. Nami kissed passionately, stroking my face by the thin hand. While Nami's long eyelashes closing the eyes crossed impending of me repeatedly. Nami's thin ears appeared or disappeared. And sexual intercourse was carried out.

As for Nami, the next day did not go to work, either. As for it, the same was said of me.

I embraced each other or nestled up all day long with nakedness. Lying together on a bed, the same cigar was smoked by turns or it sat on one chair together in the state of <holding each other>, and the same book was read. Of course, a meal and bathing were together. Since the telephone rang too frequently, we threw it away from the window. The spectacle was sad. Because it fell, while the cordless receiver separated the inside of a blue sky from the main part of the telephone which dances and goes, and it carried out. It is seen and I gave each other a tight hug strongly too many.

For some time, we were sure that we have loved each other most by disagreeableness and former. Therefore, we thought that we can love each other strongly, and were strongly wishing that to each other. Therefore, when occurring early in the morning and making it the cliff what in the bed all night again at a certain time, it discussed how to love more each other.
Then, the conclusion which we drew was like this.

1) It is expressed love by physical distance. It comes out, and since it is, two persons' adhesion area must extend or hold it in the level of a 1mm unit.
2) It is expressed love by the quantity of time to be conscious of mental traffic, i.e., a partner. It comes out, and since it is, two persons' amount of traffic time must increase or hold it in the level of a unit for 1 second.

Having invented from these two bound with a rope or something, opposing our body, and the time which is sleeping was not sleeping as much as possible because it could not be conscious of a partner's thing.

And it was put into execution.
It was wise to have thought of the method of making a leg alternate in order to extend adhesion area, with putting in one's one of the two's leg between a partner's legs, or pinching partner's one of the two's leg between one's legs. In order to ask for the strictness of adhesion, of course, it cannot be overemphasized that two persons were nakedness. Although Nami claimed that Nami should braid her hair with my hair further, it was given up from the technical impossibility resulting from the shortness of my hair.

Now, I was truly completely united.

At the time of excretion, it went to the bathroom, and it wet each other's mutual thigh, standing. Moreover, the technology of having not been by turns and smoking by two persons simultaneously was also mastered. It was piling up a lip exactly, and inserting and inhaling a cigar from width. The food purchased in large quantities before binding each other has also diverted the method by having chosen the fluid thing for it.
However, it was regrettable that sexual intercourse cannot be carried out. When sexual intercourse was carried out, the stuck area narrowed on the form of the posture. Now, it could not but give up. Mutual sexual organs were recriminated reluctantly and mutually and it bore.

But, the problem arose.
Since sleep has been reduced very much to the degree, it is impossible to be often conscious of the partner. Better, if it is only it, when severe, some faces of a partner begin to change to another object, and have become the swirl which does not have strange disagreeableness and substance in the end. Now, the plan had to be changed. We decided for 1 hour and a half to secure sleeping hours.

One month passed. No, it does not know how it is correctly. Probably, the time of the about should have passed.

Not to mention we were already conscious of the partner, even recognition was impossible to me. Somewhere do not understand somewhere anymore in a partner personally. There is nothing so then. We were in the sea of a hallucination.
Even if it was, the translucent thing which not some reasons understand threaded its way, flew, bounded, or was carrying out the thing without substance, and the motion which a reason does not understand. And it was not fixed, suddenly, at a certain time, what something had opened and closed violently in a form like a door walked like a dog, and turned at it with the form, and it became like a ball of the water which any characteristic that what was a dog does not have at a certain time, and hand and foot were extended from there, and it became man and there was nothing from a part anyhow. Our sense acted violently in the whirlpool inside without too long stimulus at last.
I felt too much severe fear. I knew that I had to be separated from Nami. It succeeded in separating at last at last the string which binds us with the tangling finger while my arm becomes bit off by the fearful long tusk of tiger was explored, and it failed repeatedly in translucent woods.

The hallucination increased transparency gradually and disappeared.

Nami lay on the bed, making an eye a half-difference. The marks of the rope which binds us became bruise, and remained in the body which became thin also many. The skin of our stuck portion had swollen up red. As for it, the same was said of me.
I was called back I having raised in my arms and appealed for Nami, or having struck the cheek, or having poured cold water. It seemed being disagreeableness, why it is good, and that Nami is surprised, and was going to be glad, tended to shed tears and was going to cling to me, and changed and escaped, and looked back upon the body but suddenly again, and she did not understand anyhow. It was a natural thing. When seen, both a bed and a floor were cruel condition by everywhere, the trash, the excreta, the body liquid. This may also have been a natural thing. However, only the window in the direction on a wall showed the golden cirrocumulus which basked in the setting sun, and was beautiful.

I and Nami found a new job several days after.