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Parallel lines

I seem to have run in the far piece. However, the way cannot be recalled at all. A room where I made a plastic broken doll the air hanging, and I pierced it with the sword like Patrick Bocanouske with great application. Mountain of beauty of book piled up in less than no time. Monument of huge correction ring built to still town. A music disk jacket at which it in real time laughs. Mule taken off. These are only memories smoothed over just now.

What common feature is there between what I have lost and I am obtaining now?

Therefore, I should confirmed to neighbors right now, "Did parallel lines finally acquaint oneself?" Or, "Did they get each other over?" He will keep continuing, "I don't know such a thing, however, still, the criminal will keep committing the crime, and the thief stealing."
-- And, I forget everything, too.