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Burial in the sun

2005 Dorothy
printed on Soramimi vol.2

The telephone rings.
The inside of the store is dark. A cheap chandelier that drops the illuminance is reflected in the mirror of a full wall that hides narrow and close under a cover.
The telephone rings and rings.
I set up the body, and incline my absorbed neck right and left. I have drunk alcohol, and seem to have slept before aware. Because this bar doesn't have the window, time is not understood at all.
The bell resounds persistently. I stand up and look for the sound source unintentionally. I found a black telephone of the dial type anachronism on the bar counter, and I put the telephone to my ear.


"Hello San? You don't answer though I was calling your cellular phone a little while ago. Are you still in the shop? When do you come back? Ten o'clock has already passed. Though I am not sleeping."
The woman patters. Will ten o'clock be a morning or night? It might be a morning if I think about that here is a bar.
It is dark and I don't understand well though look for the clock looking about surroundings. My eyes stayed in the fishbowl put next to the telephone.
"Hi, Do you hear me? Will the shop already have closed? Comes back early."
There are colorful marbles in the fishbowl, and is a goldfish. The goldfish doesn't move. It is quiet with eyes opened in water. Is it asleep?
"Why don't you say anything?"
Will the goldfish become nocturnal, too, if kept in such a place? Does the fish have the dream? How does this small brain process sight information?
"Hey San!"
I frowned instinctively compared with a high-pitched voice, I replaced the

Sense of incompatibility

When I turned in the bar counter to drink water because had felt the dryness of my throat, a man lay there.
San lay.
In a narrow counter, I stand next to San that lies by lying upon his face. His face is suitable for the opponent and not seen. Why does he sleep in such a place.
There is no reaction though I poke sideward of him by the foot.
"San, there was calling from a woman."
Though I kick him to strengthening a little this time, he doesn't react still anything.
To transfer him to the sofa in the booth where I was sleeping a little while ago, I turn up San
for the time being. His face is white to understand a dark lighting.
With feeling odd, I inserted my hands in both his armpits and I lifted his upper part of the body, his body was limp somehow.
San did not breathe if it said so.
I feel the pressure feeling in water.
I stopped my breath and wait for the breathing of sleeper of San to confirm. I waited quietly. However, I can hear only a pulse of my heart who wants oxygen, and a pulse in temple that gradually grows.
San doesn't breathe!
When suddenly inhaling air because I had become painful, the cough occurred. My dry throat rang. San doesn't breathe. Finally, my brain that had correctly recognized it lost real.

Fish's dream

Convection by movement and wind of bleaching powder.
The light of the surface of the water shakes waveringly along with it.
Misinterpreted external world.
Thing that dream and reality are the same ahead of instinct.
However, fragrant of this bleaching powder is awful.
A glass gems also become silent.
A wall of the glass hit my nose.
A fish is quietly looking at me from the opponent.
A fish that the spine bends is quietly looking at me.
"Because I grew up in the small place, I can't grow large and my bone is curved."
So.... Don't you have a pain?
"I do not understand. Are you painful?"
What this fellow says.
"We have been only made the best use of."
It is a cheeky devil in fish's habit.
A big hand approaches before my eyes.
I am only seeing.

Death at midnight

With supporting San's upper-body by one hand, I touched his pure-white cheek. Skin without elasticity that feels lassitude. And, coldly skins that stop of the round of blood.
His character and the function have already been lost. San has been lost.
When I put my hand in both his armpits again and lifted him, I dragged him out from the bar counter. Something hit my elbow, and sounds that something cracked on the floor.
The floor is pitch-dark, and various signboards to have lost light have come emptily to the surface when opening it by the foot ..the heavy door.. managing drag to the door that not was only one of the shops.
When I drag him to only one door in this shop, and opened the heavy door with my leg, the floor was dark, and various signboards which lost light had come emptily to the surface.
The floor of the first floor is seen from the blowing omission at the center. It seemed to laugh at the geometrical pattern of the tile floor. When looking up at the above floor, any floor was pitch-dark, and the entire this building seemed to be left at midnight.

The stairs

Going up the stairs. With dragging the one that was San, I go up backwards by one step. Whenever going up by one step, his neck shook.
The body of San that looked delicate became heavy at once. My arms became numb, and became painful before long.
My arms which circulates blood.
It rubs against the corner on the stairs, and the hand of San which the stagnating blood seeps slightly.
Lungs of me, that sound its throat, and requests oxygen.
Lungs of San, that has not extended any longer.
When I finished to bend in the landing, the cellular phone slipped down from the pocket of the suit of San. I sit down on the floor when picking it up.
When I looked into the face of San, it faintly smelled sweet different from the perfume and faint. Sweet smelled mysterious.
It is a stench of death.
It crowds and I vomit the raised nausea on the corner of the landing. Almost only water had come out. It might be alchol and be a gastric juice.
Tears fell. It did not stop for a while.
After a little settling down, I go up the stairs holding San again.
The sweat fell into the cheek of San, and iit was seen like tears either. I who thought that San cried seemed to be funny, and it was possible to laugh for a moment.

The sun

When open the door following the rooftop, a strong wind has cooled my sweat.
When I went out to the rooftop while holding San, I had felt lassitude sudden, I fell on my back to come in succession in him. I feel heavy in my body, and I feel a pain in my arm and the back. Though my stomach screamed between mass and the gravity of San, I ignored it, and I screwed up my eyes, and looked at the sun.
On the building of midnight, the sun tried to rise to the highest place.
When I shut my eyes, the afterimage of the burning sun shakes flickering back of the eyelid. It looked like the light of the surface of the water that had been looked up in water.


When I returned to the shop with left San, the goldfish was sleeping a little while ago quietly.
Momentarily I felt the strong urge, I beat and drop the fishbowl on the floor.
The goldfish literally roused splashed with on the cracking glass and sodden floor.
Are you painful?
I do not understand.
When I fire and I inhale slowly the first cigarette today, I felt dizzy.
What was that impulse?
Though I thought with smoking, but the goldfish had not moved in the course of time, I stopped thinking and I erased the cigarette.

Telephone 2

When I went out of the building, there is a amusement center of daylight, the disappearing neons were very stupid. Crows that ruins garbage, and vomit in roadside. Only these were noticeable.
A receiving melody of the cellular phone of San began to ring. I take it out from the pocket, and push the button of receiving call.
"Hello San? When do you return?"
It was a woman who had called the bar.
"Return now."
I became San.
When looking up, the sun tried to have passed in the narrow sky enclosed by the building. I thought of someone exposing to the sun, and rot.